*Waiting To Confirm* 

Will Know Mid Feb -2021

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"TRINITY"                   Bred To           "BRUTUS"

Trinity is a Standard Merle Triple Carrier

She has Double Blue Eyes.

She is Health Tested Clear for Huu-Dm-Cmr1      

Her Pedigree is Incredible - Shrinkabull /Cowboy

*Puppies On The Way  "Designer Breed Registry" 

 Less Expensive Bulldogs....... DUE MID FEB. 2021

                     DAM"Ling Ling"                      SIRE "Rebel"

                 Half English Bulldog-Designer Breed Registered                     AKC English Bulldog



These Gorgeous babies will be 3/4 English Bulldog and 1/4 Alapha Bulldog

They Will be registered thru Designer Breed Registry. They are Extremely Healthy and less expensive, you can see them on my Designer Bulldog Link.   DESIGNER ENGLISH BULLDOGS