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Are you needing help with that hard to raise litter ? Is this your first litter of puppies and you are unsure what  to do, what do I need etc.? The loss of one puppy is a huge loss,  though I do not pretend to know everything, or can I save Every puppy,I have been breeding and raising all breed of puppies for over 37 years and specialize in bulldog breeds. I have incubators, oxygen, etc. and I have hand raised and tube feed hundreds of babies. I will do everything within my power to save every puppy and never gives up on them. They will be next to me 24/7 for as long as needed. I can help your puppies from Day 1 to 8 weeks old or as long as you need me.  I  will give your babies 100 % and do all I possibly can for them.  if you have any questions feel free to contact me -

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