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Our Designer Bulldog
We have about 2 litters a year, They are our English Bulldog  cross overs and  our They will be 3/4 English Bulldog 
They are much healthier than English and have less health problems.
So far I have not seen the allergy issues most bulldogs seem to have, nor do they  have all the problems with Eyes/Hips/Elbows etc.. Which will give them a much longer Happier Life Span. I have even seen some even used for Hunting. 
  They will be around the same size/ look & temperament  as the English. and will  be registered thru Designer Breed Registry- Oldies thru IOEBA Registry.
  PERFECT  for someone wanting a family pet that loves to be involved in Outdoor activities or just wants a Lap Puppy . Ours LOVE to go swimming in our pond and we have videos of past babies out on hiking trails and swimming in lakes.
 Prices are VERY affordable compared to my english prices which range $3K-5K for Blacks and blues and 9K-25K for Merles
Accepting Deposits Now For NEXT LITTER
Of Designers as these go FAST  
Thank You for all that purchased these amazing babies

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