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These Are Families That want a bulldog without all The Bulldog Problems.
My Solids Start at $2500-$2800
My Merles Start at $4000 and go to $6500



DEPOSIT TO HOLD YOUR PUPPY IS $300                                                                        
We Only have a couple of litters of these a year. They look almost Identical to the English bulldog however they are much Healthier. We are not seeing all the health concerns you see in straight English.
They are 3/4 English Bulldog / 1/4 Alaphaha Bulldogs- 
These are PERFECT for the family that loves to be outdoors, Hiking, running or just playing with the children. We have these in EVERY color  from solids to the striking MERLE Patterns.
Our Merles usually go first and ALL are puppies go VERY fast.Sometimes they have deposits on all before litters are born.
We are extremely picky on choosing our AKC English Bulld
og Sires  and Our Designer Dam's  are of the Highest of  Quality.               
We have some of our babies in Russia, Colombia, and China, they are all over the world.
 Contact me at 808-304-2700 If you are interested in one of our designer babies.   We are more than happy to provide references.   








Sex: Male
Color : Chocolate Merle                                   This Boy is Incredible  - He is so laid back and just the most gorgeous baby. 
Pet Price
Breeders Inquire On Price