We are Selling ALL our Dogs to Travel

ia Gorgeous Lilac Merle English Bulldog,
She has had 2 litters and is an awesome mom.                    (Puppy Pics are some of her babies.
I will put her in a Co- Own home or a outright buy.           She is a SHRINKABULL!!!!!!!

She is due to come into heat within in the next 2 months.
                                                                                                        Co Own Option -
$8500 and 2 Puppies off of her                  or Outright buy $12,500

This girl Will DEFINITELY UP YOUR BULLDOG GAME-                                     WORTH EVERY PENNY AND MORE!!!!!!!!

Chocolate Seal- Triple Carrier- TINY TINY TINY and Built like a stack house.
This Tiny Girl has it ALLLLLL. She is one of my all time favorites. She is so Tiny And EXTREMELY Compact. She is Built Just like her Daddy " Moses" It is her time to Shine, She is due to come into heat ANYTIME and this will be the time for her to be bred. I have been holding her back and just waiting  waiting waiting and now she is 2 years old. You will NOT find a more Solid, Tiny Girl Than Coco. She is about to make DREAM Puppies.
I will let her go to A  APPROVED CO OWN HOME for $10,000 and 3 Pups Back s over her breeding career or
Outright buy for $15,000.
Its time for Coco To make Magic !!!!!

AVAILABLE "Hazel"Is my lilac Tri Girl- Her puppies are to DIE for. She has had 2 Amazing litters. She is a very sweet sweet girl and is also house trained. She is very docile & has gotten picked on in the past from some of my more aggressive bulldogs so she does have a few scars where she was in heat and one of my girls jumped her and she didn't fight back.                                                                                                                       She does have a chicken allergy and we keep her on a very good dog food We have her on Natures Receipt Lamb and Rice and she has no issues unless she gets into a chicken product.
You will not find a better mom with consistent QUALITY puppies. Amazing bloodlines !!!!!I                           love this girl.  House /Crate Trained

She is due to come into heat ANYTIME.
She is for sale for $8500                                                                                                                                           
Short Financing Available 

AVAILABLE "BIG CHUNGUS" Is our beautiful Lilac Merle Tri Stud, He is proven, Health Tested Clear for HUU,DM, CMR1. Gorgeous Boy and Throws Beautiful Puppies- He has just started his breeding Career as he is 2 years old. Easy to collect off of.  - SHRINKABULL LINES !!!!!!!!
$8500 Full Breeding Rights  - There will be a couple stipulations                           SHORT TERM FINANCING AVAILABLE

AVAILABLE "GORDON"  AKC ENGLISH Bulldog- Blue Merle Seal- Tweed Coat Pattern
Is our beautiful Blue Seal Merle Stud,  With a Tweed Pattern.
He has proven and out produced himself OVER AND OVER AGAIN !!!!
Health Tested Clear for HUU,DM, CMR1 AND CMR3
 Very Close SHRINKABULL LINES as his mom was Direct Shrinkabull !!!!!!- Outstanding pedigree
You will NOT go wrong with this boy, His pups are to die for and he produces LOTTTTTSSSSS of Merles with BLUE Eyes and Tweed Coats also a Produces More FEMALES than males in the litter.
SO easy to collect off of you will never need a female, he knows his job.

$6500 Full Breeding Rights  however there will be some stipulations                  

            JUST BRED 
Atlas is a Exotic English Bulldog,
She is Blue Merle and she is 2 years old.
She is a Triple carrier as her sire is a Lilac Tri.

If you buy her after being bred her price is $4000
If I hold on to her and confirm pregnancy she will be $5000